Professional Beef Pasture Mix

Professional Beef Pasture Mixture was created to meet the needs of producers who want to optimize animal performance and maximize per-acre return. It's also a good choice for hay producers who want a high-quality, balanced hay.

To meet these needs, we start with only the highest quality ingredients. These species are carefully chosen for their regional adaptability and combined in the proper ratios to assure maximum pasture production.

This premium mixture, along with good management practices, will provide you with the best opportunity to optimize the return on your management investment.

• Components are present in the proper ratios to provide optimum pasture
• Premium quality components elected for regional adaptation and performance
• Maximum production per acre
• Produces high-quality, balanced hay
• Good general pasture mixture

• 35% FSG Bounty Il Orchardgrass
• 35% FSG 402 Red Clover
• 10% Intermediate Ryegrass
• 10% Elena Perennial Ryegrass
• 5% Conquest Timothy
• 5% Pinnacle Ladino Clover

NEW SEEDINGS - 20-25 Pounds per acre
OVER SEEDING - 15 Pounds per acre

Fall or early spring