Elena Forage Perennial Rye

  • Excellent forage quality
  • Vigorous, dark green plants with high disease resistance
  • Excellent seedling vigor for fast stand establishment
  • Winterhardy and persistent

Elena tetraploid perennial ryegrass is a medium maturing variety which has shown superior forage yield potential, excellent forage quality and longer persistence in state trials throughout the United States.

With strong spring and fall forage production plus fast recovery after cutting or grazing, Elena is the ideal component for horse, dairy or beef pasture mixes. Rapid germination and excellent seedling vigor makes this variety perfect for pasture renovation as well. Elena also has great rust and leaf disease resistance which helps maintain palatability and digestibility for improved animal performance.

When all of these varietal characteristics are added up, Elena is without a doubt the best choice for livestock and dairy producers looking for increased weight gains and milk production.

Yield Comparisons

of Years
of Cuts
of Tests
Elena as
% of
Calibra 41.72 38.81 10 38 4 107.5
Crave 8.61 7.63 3 9 1 112.8
Kentaur 21.66 21.38 4 17 2 101.3
Linn 40.30 35.04 12 42 4 115.0
Summarized over Years and Locations (Total Tons Dry Matter/Acre)